• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Major News Stories Out Yesterday.

Several news stories broke yesterday indicating the Deep State is indeed in peril. The first was from Clif High indicating his prior linguistics projection that the Main Street News would be overwhelmed by the Alternative News drops. He says that is indeed now the case and the MSNM can no longer ignore those stories nor counter them. He reinforces his prediction that by the third week in October the MSNM will be gone.

Special Counsel John Durham arrested a Clinton Campaign attorney, after an indictment, for his involvement in the Russian Hoax news reports against sitting President Trump at the beginning of his presidency. This clearly makes Hillary and her co-harts in the Clinton Foundation the main targets for Treason against Trump by impeding his office as President. The Deep State was hoping the Russian Hoax has disappeared but now it is clearly center ring.

The next news story is a double header. One by Jim Stone suggests the Street Rapper/celebrity Nike Minaj may be shaking awake a lot of Woke fans into questioning the Vax clot shot, all while Mike Adams is suggesting that Biden is terrifying the Deep State operatives by his coxyness with Communist Chine. Adams suggests the operatives now fear for their jobs and lives if China does take down the U. S.

Getting back to Clif High, the above news stories are ones that Joe Scarborough must try to counter today and in doing so exposes those stories to even more people that are asleep. Thus the MSNM will be destroying itself.

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