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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Magnolia Street Home.

This Rant is mainly for me but can also be a teaching tool for those of you who don’t fully grasp your real power and where we are heading as a species (quantum Physics).

Two weeks ago Betty decided to sell our old home before we moved to the farm. It was built in the late 60s and she purchased it around 1970 when she was 18 years old married and with a baby. It was a typical three bedroom brick home of the period with carpet throughout. Before we married we decided we would live there. Betty was in Payroll at the school board, knew everyone in the small town, had her two boys within walking distance of their schools with a thousand sets of eyes on them at all times. She had moved her parents next door for their mutual benefit. It was safer for me to commute to my working town 20 miles away. This was an easy decision.

The boys eventually moved out. The youngest gave us a real run for our money before he left. After they were gone we replaced the closet doors they had destroyed. Betty started collecting antiques for the house and then the yard. I turned 50 and dropped out of the workforce to be a part of the coming collapse and reset. We discovered hardwood floors under all the carpet and refinished them making the home carpet free. Then we added a wing for a family room and a home office for me as I was doing consulting work for a few years. She gave me two rooms to work out of. I had always worked in white boxes without windows so the first thing I did was wainscot the rooms and paint one ceiling dark blue. Being the son of a son of a sailor man I was in love with old square sailed ships. I had an old ship ladder behind me with a fake trap door on the ceiling. Under the ladder was a wooden barrel and an old wooden lobster trap with a stuffed chicken in it (religious purposes). I added a pot bellied wood burning stove. I was happy there. All of this was moved to the farm. To complete the house story, after doubling the house size we finally got the expected call from the youngest wanting to come back home. I remember the call well. Betty said “Honey, we would love for you to live here but the house is too small.” He never asked and she never tendered. I just said “Thank you Jesus!” As it turns out we now live on the farm with his family living next door. We are happy.

We locked the house for three years while developing the farm. Then Betty moved in her 70 year old cousin who recently lost her husband. She was feeble minded from a childhood illness and could not read. The family she had here were addicts. Betty rented to her at half rent so she could keep her eye on her and assist her. We helped her for 4 years and through her mothers death. But now two daughters have moved back into town and can help out. Now for the teaching moment. Betty is a creator. When she decides something will happen it will happen withing two weeks. The same goes for me. It is “The Secret” and others refer to it as “the Law of Attraction”. What you focus your thoughts on will become reality. Others refer to it as quantum physics.

Betty was ashamed of her yard becoming a jungle over the past seven years and made the emotional decision to sell her home so it could become another safe and happy home for another family to raise itself in.

She decided to sell it below its appraised value within two weeks. Yesterday was the end of two weeks and it was sold for the price she had set. A former neighbor purchased it so they could live there with their adoptive 28 year old niece, recently divorced and with a 2 year old child. The five bedroom house was just the ticket. The wife is a realtor and recognized its true worth. They once owned a landscaping and yard service business; hard workers and good people. I am sharing this for a reason. Tomorrow I will post my personal favorite Rant from the past ten years.

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