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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Looking Forward: We’re All Coming Out Of The Closet Now.

Folks, I am changing this website a little starting today. For the past six years it was dedicated to monitoring the news and progress of the impending Collapse and Reset. But now a portion of the postings will be dedicated to adjusting to our new lives after the reset; to give us a head start. These new postings will be prefaced with “Looking Forward:” so you will know that it is not a news post.

This website change is being made because I feel that we are within days or a week or two of the Financial Reset desired by the good guys. When this happens we will experience many changes in our lives and we need to be mentally prepared for this impending changeover journey lest some of us lose our minds from the onslaught.

Allow me to share again my personal closet story. I feel like I woke up as an intuitive about 20 years ago. I dropped out of the work force to figure out what was happening to me. I learned to see the future in dreams. I spent about six months in a dream classroom studying economics (not my area) and was shown how our system would collapse and what economic systems would come up to replace the old systems. I saw the order of those changes but not the timing. What was pounded into me was that in twenty years there would be no more wars.

After graduation from Economics I was shown how some people would create small intentional communities so they could live “locally” as extended families and create their own jobs. These communities I called CoOp Villages. The residents would no longer need big government and corporations to tend to them. This would be done to control their own lives and live in happiness together.

Fifteen years ago I recorded all I had seen and learned and published it on a website. Five years ago the web hosting company failed and I lost the site. Yesterday I felt the urgent need to republish it as it will be needed by some persons after the reset. In rebuilding it I ran across articles I wrote 15 years ago about the impact of the reset on humanity; how our minds must change to adopt. I will begin posting those original articles today under the banner of “Looking Forward”.

Be aware that the changes will free humanity to change our life purposes as we escape slavery. We will have time to adopt and change. But the sooner we accept we are free and able to recreate ourselves to be what we want to be the better equipped we are to begin our journeys. The articles will help you see things differently. I hope you you accept them as my gift.

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