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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Longest Election Campaign Ever.

Back on June 7th, 2022, I ran across this article: Brazil election court: We can nullify election winners who spread fake news.They appear to be after one contender that fears election fraud through machines. Is this a hint at what may be coming our way soon?

Yesterday I posted this article: THIS IS SCARY. I HEARD WHY THIS IS ALL HAPPENING. IT IS NOT GOOd [Must See]. In it, the pod-castor, Full Spectrum Survival, states that the collapse of the economy is similar to the period during the Great Depression and prior to WWII. Jobs were lost to the point that people would willingly sign up for the military and war just to care for their families. He suggests that may be what the global plan now is, to decrease the populations by another great war and forcing the volunteer troops to willingly muster for it.

Saturday I posted It’s Not a Turndown, It’s a Takedown – Catherine Austin Fitts [Must See]. In the middle of it she points out that there may be two realities, that being the real world and then the one spun to us by the government and social controllers. Some people are trapped due to jobs and society and pay homage to the political reality while deep down seeing the real reality around them.

So what reality are we actually in now? Is the political reality going to win this global war to continue to enslave humanity or will humanity free itself from the current controlling Elites?

If the White Hats are real how can humanity free itself when the controlling Elites control the Main Street News Media and can silence anyone who “Falsely” speaks against them, even possibly anyone who wins a true election against them? Pretty tall order to accomplish, like fighting with one hand tied behind your back, isn’t?

Just maybe what the Trump machine has been telling us is true, that they are exposing the ruling Elite, their lies, their plans for us and foremost of all, their Ponzi schemes. One certain fact about all Ponzi schemes is once exposed to the public, the scheme never survives. In fact, it dies instantly in one day.

I have spoken before about the Quantum Floozy Theory and multiple universesin quantum physics where theoretically a girl has several suitors and so breaks her world into several universes and test marries them all. Then after several years of test driving them, she collapses those universes back to the starting one. Therefore, she keeps the suitor that gives her life the experience (good or bad), she originally asked of the universe.

Are we still in Trump’s 2020 election campaign by letting the masses see for themselves the Ponzi scheme we are subjected to because without a free press they cannot tell us what is happening? Is this nightmare about to end?

I for one still believe it is about to end for the Elite rulers and their machines. A US as well as world mandate landslide will destroy their Ponzi scheme and they can’t stop that.

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