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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Lesson From The Procrastinators Association.

I just got through watching yesterday’s Simon Parkes Podcast on the Man Of God - Declaration of the People document. These are my thoughts on it.

I took off yesterday to do family things so I have not read the document and am just now watching Parkes’ podcast. So I'm really typing in the dark here. Yesterday when I learned of the document my first thoughts were of relief and happiness which then turned to the Procrastintors Association.

I am sure that you probably have never heard of it as very few people have. It has always remained no more than a handful of members since its creation 92 years ago. You see, they never got around to writing their organizing documents, their Creed, their Manifesto. So how can you join an organization that has no sales brochure on itself to define what it is? I know you have heard of a manifesto. That is what the FBI always finds when a so called nut-job supposedly commits a false flag travesty. Apparently they have an app that helps them create one the day before they do the dirty deed so the Main Street News totally knows why he did it.

But yesterday’s document release is proof that the US Military is bringing us back to the Republic. Only the Military Intelligence would have the tenacity to study the history of the Procrastinators Association and learn why it failed to grow so they could avoid that costly mistake! Allah! We now have our own manifesto so the FBI and the news media do not have to create and plant one for us. We have just defined ourselves so now the press can’t just make up one, now they are forced to step up and refute every line in that six page document!

Well Done Military Intelligence! I am sure the Procrastinators Association will give you an award for what you just did, if they ever get around to it.

Hold on Folks. You always pull out the brochure and assembly instructions before you pull out the real thing. It's about to happen.

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