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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Last Week Was The Ending. Covid Crap Be Gone.

Last Monday I personally felt that by the end of the week we would see the end of Covid in the U. S. I could give no logical reason for it; I just felt it. Friday morning I saw that we now had 18 or 19 states doing away with mandatory masking. I was perplexed by that as it was only 38% of the states and I would have expected the corner to be turned at around 51% of the states. When I get feelings like this I am seldom surprised by it not happening but by Saturday I was. Just this evening I read that according to a late Friday quiet announcement, the CDC conceded that mask wearing in the U.S. only reduced the Covid spread by about 2%. For them to say this tells me that the 2% is too high and it is most likely only a 1% reduction in cases.

So now I am back on track on my feeling that beginning next week we will be seeing the end of the Covid crap in the U. S.

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