• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. Kings, Slaves and the Cathars.

First we were taught the lie that kings owned us by Divine Right, given them by the Catholic Church because they were the spokesmen for God. Then the world rebelled and went to elected governments. It was during this time that men could own slaves until the world woke up to that lie and it somewhat ended. Now for the most part we gave freely elected governments.

But now we are at a watershed day because we are being told the lie that our votes count but not really. Just shut up and continue they do even thought we all know that too is a lie. This brings us to the Cathars. They were a religious sect in Southern France in the 13th century. They did not follow Christianity so the church condemned them all to death to end their ways forever. They chartered the Albigensian Crusade to eradicate all of them over a twenty year period. Anyone who killed a Cathar was given an immediate pass to heaven no matter how wicked a life he lived. This brings us back to this watershed day of today. If we are to decide that the elite do not have the power to play god over our species what should we do about it? I suggest we ourselves choose our god given right as expressed by popes throughout history to protect the flock. We should kill all those that have debased our right to rule ourselves by vote.

We must eradicate them forever to take them out of our future.

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