• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Just Ask Yourself “How Often?”

How often do we see pictures of twelve story buildings in the U. S. with one side collapsed?

For me the answer Is never. I have seen a lot of images like this in overseas war zones but never in the U. S. For me it indicates that the CIA & FBI are not as dumb as I thought. Instead of imploding buildings as their signature acts they are now removing just one face of a building making it seem the bottom tenant used too big of a nail to hang a picture. There were reports that the collapsed building in Miami last night had construction going on in it. Isn’t that the same story we heard about the twin towers when their girders were cut with thermite for implosion? But the big question is why now? Why did the first building to loose face in public happen last night? Perhaps it was done to tie up the MSNM so they don’t have time to talk about the U. S. Senate defeating the Democrats move, by a margin of 10 votes, to control all future elections, spelling the end of the Democratic party. See Bill Still Report Notice that Miami is about as far away from the Twin Towers you can get on the East Coast (can't be done on the West coast).

Nope, I don’t believe it was caused by too many hanging pictures on the Sheetrock.

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