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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Jordan Sather’s Article Today.

If you haven’t listened to his great post today you should do so before proceeding here.

His podcast is Beware "NESARA" and the Quantum Financial Scammers.

The reason I said “great article” is because sooner or later someone had to say it and he had the guts to do so. I am grateful to him for doing so. So now you are probably wondering “Does Jim think these are scams?” My immediate answer is I do not know nor does it make any difference. It is simply a side show to the main event.

Twenty years ago when I had my visions of what we are now going through, I was mostly focused on what comes shortly after the chaos clears. Before I go on let me tell you what I did not see. I saw no huge global die off of humanity although some would die not so much from the physical but mainly mental impacts of the chaos and not being able to adjust in their minds. I did not see NESARA/GESARA. I only learned of them fifteen years ago in my research.

Let me now share what I did see. First was the main event – humanity would awaken and abandon the financial and money systems. It would be abandoned as quickly as a child realizes there is no Boogie Man and in that moment never returns to that world belief. They were now free to create their world without the Boogie Man in it.

I saw most people abandoning globalism, strong central governments and going back to local communities (counties) for money creation, economics, community development, governance and participation in that governance. I saw the end of forced 40 hours per week jobs and the end of family destruction. I saw the end of wars. In a nutshell I believe I saw how more advanced alien societies lived.

So to get specifically to NESARA and the QFS let me share what helps me hang on here. I never really saw money. I assumed what I saw was pride in sharing, pride in one’s doing work, pride in creation, pride in pushing one’s community forward. I know some might jump in here and holler “Communism”, but that was not the case. After analyzing for years after the visions I assumed barter and self money creation in communities by IOUs. What I saw was no real money control over people, just occasional money use.

What I saw in the visions was there would be no canned pre-prepared new economic system to replace the old. If there was one it would only benefit the bankers to regain control of humanity in the future again. The new economic system had to be recreated in each community and developed over time.

When I discovered NESARA I realized it would be a perfect bridge in creating the new economic system; it would buy us time to create and get us out of the chaos quickly. It was the perfect gig saw puzzle piece to move us to the point where money was no longer needed as such (controlling our lives). The past few hundred years have introduced the fossil fuel run machinery age displacing jobs. Now computers and science technologies are propelling us faster in reducing jobs. Without those jobs families perish. That is currently the trajectory we are now on to the degree that the elites just want to put most of us out of our suffering and snuff us out quickly. This is where we are today. There are many solutions to this problem but we are not allowed by the elites to see them. If we see them they lose control over us. Think hidden technologies.

So now it is finally time for the Woo Woo stuff. At one time it was considered New Age crap that our thoughts create our reality; that what we think becomes real. Today however the Quantum scientists all agree that our thoughts are indeed creating the world around us. For those unfamiliar with this Woo Woo stuff, let me simplify it by quoting Patch Adams around 1975. He said his “teacher” taught him to always look beyond the problem for the solution, because if not, you will only see the problem and never imagine possible solutions. This is where we are today, at this very moment. Do you want to abandon the vision of awakening further and going back to sleep for the elites? Or do you want to proceed further and create better?

If we want to look past the problem we must ask ourselves what if the NESARA & QFS do not materialize? Lets assume it is 3/4s true but never gets off the ground. Let’s assume it does materialize. Lets assume it was a lie all along? How does any of those options change our minds about the Central Banks control over us now and our vision of ending their control of us? Actually none of the above changes things because neither of those two systems are truly needed to be in place for us to go beyond the problem we wish to leave behind. Those two systems are merely two legs on a twenty legged stool. Take away two legs and the stool still stands.

If we decide to continue to awaken we must continue to focus our thoughts and hold the vision of life on the other side of the problem. I hope we all hang in there folks and forego that old part of ourselves to die before we let someone make a fool out of us. If we lose the vision now we will have made a fool out of all future humanity.

So again, I thank Jordan Sather for broaching the subject so we each can decide for ourselves what we choose to be real.

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