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Jim’s Rant For The Day. John McAfee and His Dead Man’s Switch.

There has been a lot of speculation on McAfee the past week so allow me to share my thoughts on him.

First we have to ask just who is John McAfee? He is the person who created the computer virus prevention software industry thirty years ago. If we start by assuming he was extremely good at programming and as a result became extremely wealthy from his early lead in the industry, then we must also conclude that he is not stupid.

So now let’s look at his business model. His software was a stand alone package everyone with a new computer first loaded on it. It prevented hackers from breaking into your hard drive and stealing information from you and at the same time the hackers were paid by advertisers to slow down your computer by forcing you to watch adds for products you didn’t want to see. Now mind you these adds were when computers were really slow to load those adds. That’s how McAfee got wealthy in the budding industry; he was in the protection racket.

His business setup probably had a bunch of wiz kid hackers on the payroll hacking and then writing routines on how to prevent themselves from hacking in that manner again if the routine was added to their anti-virus software. The patch was added periodically when your computer got a message from McAfee that a new patch was in a download. I venture to guess that when the download occurred your computer also did an upload so McAfee could see hacking that occurred his gang was unaware of. But my point is McAfee was reading most computers routinely for years, especially ones who’s owners were terrified of being hacked.

My speculation is he and his wiz kids often talked about hacking and what they saw. This brings us to the rumors that McAfee has tons of stored data on the deep state to be used as a Dead Man’s Switch to keep him alive. I truly believe this rumor.

We are now hearing that the Miami collapsed tower was his home and perhaps that is why it was destroyed to prevent his switch from revealing evidence he had stored in his underwear drawer. I ask you “If you were a multi millionaire computer genius that was keeping yourself alive with a Dead Man’s Switch, would you hide the incriminating evidence in your underwear drawer or in six independent trusted locations around the world?

Then we have statements from his wife, his attorney and even McAfee himself stating that he was not suicidal. Therefore I do not believe he killed himself. I’ll even go further and say he is still alive and is under protection by the White Hats. Why? Because it was time for his Deep State peep show to be seen by the rest of the world in a fashion that the Deep State’s MSNM can’t say “It’s just Trump spreading lies again.”

We may not be seeing that evidence yet but you can believe it is terrifying the Deep State right now.

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