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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Joan of Arc.

I once read a history nonfiction book titled something like “The Seven Greatest Battles That Altered History”. Before reading I looked at the Index to see his selections. One was the 1429 Battle of Orleans won by Joan of Arc. I immediately started there first. I was raised Catholic and have always been fascinated with her and the apparent lack of real information on her exploits. There have been very few publications on her and the stories varied even before several movies may have rewritten history further. But the author appeared to be genuine on his research of the other battles so I accepted his reporting over my other readings on her.

His account reported her first victory was to free the city fortress of Orleans from the food siege they were under. A siege has long been the military’s favored route to victory. The aim is to starve the population into capitulation by cutting off all supplies. Sound familiar?

She ordered her wagon train of food to approach from the North right through the English largest encampment. Her newly assigned subordinate generals tried to trick her into approaching from the South which they knew to be safer. She caught on and overrode their orders. During the night her long train slowly rode through the English camp during a heavy storm that dissuaded guards doing their duty. That then put her army in the fortress with the population backing her, forcing her generals to follow her.

Again, does a siege sound familiar or is it only something out of ancient history? How about propaganda, is that old school too? Well, let’s roll all of this forward to today. Let’s start with propaganda. As Michael Rivera ( has been saying for 20 some years, the first casualty of war is always the truth. That is where we are today in our constant search for real truth buried somewhere in a trough of shit.

Let me share a stunning fact, the best I could research for a month to verify. Remember all of those pictures of emaciated and nude German work-camp prisoners that sickened us as kids designed to show us the German inhumanity? Well the part about the German inhumanity wasn’t true. The pictures were the result of a Typhus outbreak in the overcrowded camps due to fleas. The nudity was to escape the cloth homes of the fleas. The starvation was the result of Typhus which prevents the absorption of water needed to digest food.

The Typhus was the result of Germany being under a siege cutting off all supplies, including Zyklon, a gas used by Germany to delouse the camp clothing and bedding. So in actuality the camp deaths depicted by those pictures was caused by the Allies and their siege. But as we all know, history is always written by the victors.

So here we are today facing such a siege in the US but with most Americans unaware of it. The headlines this week reveal a dozen major food processing plants closed due to fires. For those of you you have read or seen Atlas Shrugged, the author wrote of technology being shut down by the stupidity of the government trying to play economic god. She told of railroads being intentionally shut down during harvest season resulting in destruction of the food supply. By the way, the author, Ayan Rand, a woman raised in the Soviet Union and matured and moved to America, where she tried to protect free capitalism from destruction by our own government. (Part I – Movie Trailer, Part II, Part III)

Folks, we are in a war for the survival of humanity from genocide. It is real and coming to a head now. I still have high expectation on it’s outcome but be braced for the resulting chaos during recovery. I appreciate what Greg Hunter pointed out yesterday regarding the Hoover Dam water reservoir requiring ten years to refill from the devastation of the current drought placed upon it in our own siege.

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