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Jim's Rant For The Day. Jim Willie, Et Al.

My sister called me this morning regarding my Rant earlier stating that most of my sources I quote from are no longer trusted by me like they used to be. News is drying up. She then asked me who I did trust. MY immediate response was Greg Hunter. I left it at that.

Well, there are many others, one being Jim Willie. I have followed him for about 8 - 10 years and he has never left me holding the bag. I am now listening to a hour and a half interview of him. The first 7 minutes he responds to a request to introduce himself which he did. I thought I knew his background but today I was shocked by his education and work history. I will let you hear it for yourself. By the way, he mentions going out on his own (website) and selling his business analysis. When he did he named the report "The Golden Jackass Report" after a comment his Mom once made about his "highfalutin talking like a golden Jackass"!

I would normally recap a good source that is long but there is no way I could ever recap Jim Willie as he goes at full speed just like Cliff High does. So you will just have to listen for yourself.

But just to wet your whistle, from the 7 to 14 minute mark he says he doesn't think the IRS is still really functioning anymore. He also suggests that the good guys are using HAARP to flood China to take them down and that is why our Southwest is in a drought. You need to hear all of this yourself. See Link

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