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Jim’s Rant For the Day. Jim Stone and the USAF Strike.

There are several disturbing aspects to Jim Stone's Actual article that need to be analyzed or at least deserves holding one’s breath for. So let’s look at those aspects together. See & Read: Insider Info [Scroll down for it.]

First we must wait to see if it’s true. If it is the Main Street News will never mention it so it will require alternative journalists to verify it. That may take several days so we just have to wait.

If it is collaborated then we have to guess what it really means. Stone does not believe that the Military will save us and is following the recipe of the Russian takeover by feeding the masses false hope. Therefore, Stone suggests that Biden is using the VAX to empty the military’s fighting strength so the US can be overtaken.

On the other-hand, If the Military is taking down the elite, then what Stone indicates that not only did the Air Force lose half of its pilots but he speculates the other branches lost the same percentage of its pilots. If this is accurate then Biden will never be seen on TV again as he would have lost all credibility as a leader.

[My personal opinion is the military is taking down the elite.]

It may be a long week folks.

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