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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. It’s Now Open Warfare On The Squeamish.

We are now in open warfare with the world watching us take on the elite and the elite have just responded. Their move is to divide and conquer the people using the 56 Sheep strategy.

First they are trying to placate the Moms trying to get the masks off their kids, leaving the Stop Mandates Entirely folks to fight alone. That is why we are seeing our country offering up it’s Democratic states’ mandates requiring kids to wear face diapers “in the future”.

Secondly we are seeing the MSN Media suggest the “terrorists in Canada” are about to spill out into our country. At the same time they are accenting a grocery store shooting in the US. Is this a hint that a real supply shortage will hit the uninvolved if the Canadian spill grows in the US and cuts off more food supplies?

Lastly is my favorite sport, the 56 Sheep game. I love to ask Tweens this math question: “If you have 56 sheep and one dies, how many do you have left?” Upon hearing 55, I correct them with ”49. I said 50 SICK sheep.” Another day I will repeat it but this time I will correct with “I said 56 sheep”. They will learn to pay attention and watch a person's face and mouth closely when dealing with them. At least that’s what I tell myself, that I am doing it as a public service.

Canada only took one day to announce $10,000 fines for waving at truckers from an overpass. Yet it will take weeks to end the mask mandates in Democratic states. Imagine that. It’s reminiscent of “If you surrender and let us hang you, we will take good care of your kids for you. Trust us.”

Now for the squeamish part. Simply put, “If you cooperate and continue to take the poison shots we will let your kids breath until they die from the poison.”

The planet can see the global war now that the battle lines have been formed with the two sides lined up. There is no denying it now.

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