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Jim’s Rant For The Day. It’s Coming For You, BOUU WA HA HA!

Now there is a new Covid form outbreak in Africa, or so we are told by the MSN Media today. You had better run somewhere and take a Vax to save yourself immediately.

But wait a minute; what’s going on here? Until today there was NO Covid19 in Africa at all. Why? Because there is malaria in that part of the world so the residents take hydroxychloroquine often as a preventative. But the liars can’t have the truth out there so they are lying to us again so we don’t know why Africa is safe. They are now using a scary headline destroying the truth about no Covid cases in Africa.

So what does this have to do with us in the United States? Simply put, live like an African. Take one Quercetin capsule daily (23 cents) for a mild over-the-counter Hydroxichloroquine.

Then become a healthy person again by boosting your immune system by taking a daily D-3, 10,000 IU pill (9 cents). Why do this? Because there has never been a Covid death reported with the patient having a high Vitamin D level in their system.

These two daily doses combined come to just 32 Cents a day.

If you want to step it up add Zinc with just 1 daily pill (10 Cents).

Then consider putting the cherry on the top – NAC. An average of two pills daily will add 20 Cents to the bill, for a total cost of all the above for $0.82 daily. NAC can be purchased from health food stores an Walmart.


My suggestion is go with Quercetin and D3 daily for a cost of $0.32 Daily,

or go the full course of medications for $0.82 Daily. By the way, the full course is what medical practitioners are recommending for themselves and their extended family and require no prescriptions.

For just 32 to 82 cents a day you can stop playing their Covid game. That is what the Deep State is trying to hide from us!

See: Covid Meds

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