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Jim’s Rant For the Day. It Never Rains In Sunny California, But May Storm Superbowl Sunday.

The only news show I get during the day is CNN. Yesterday I saw a first. Their news story was presented as a weather alert; just a report without damning Trump, Republicans or any other fanfare telling us what we should think. I am going from memory here but here goes:

“A trucker protest may hamper Super Bowl Sunday. Afterwards, the truckers will be heading to D.C. to protest.” That was all that was said.

Is CNN trying to get back to actual news reporting?

Then last night Anderson Cooper talked about his new adopted baby with his male partner for ten minutes. Is he about to leave the network himself? That announcement may be what trial lawyers call “giving the defendant a human face.” Isn’t that sweet, he loves his adoptive kids and wants to play with them on the floor. Perhaps we shouldn’t kill him for treason. I personally think he milked his last show.

“And he wasn't wasting any time, either, handing off the reins of his show to John Berman immediately after the announcement.. "I will be taking off the rest of this week and next week as well, and, frankly, the rest of this show to be with my kids," he said.”

Source: The CNN anchor shared that he and ex Benjamin Maisani are both proud co-parents, sharing the baby's gender and full name.

Isn’t that what Rachael Maddow did at CNN a week or so ago when she said she wanted to write her book and make it a movie? Later it comes out that CNN sacked her because she was too radical for them.

The the last thing I have to say on CNN is I am still wondering how long Don Lemon will remain there. He certainly won’t be considered as their new CEO after offensively assaulting another man by rubbing his own balls then shoving his fingers in the man’s face and asking if he “likes Pussy or dick” CNN cannot afford to march this great problem solver out on stage to lead the US into the future.

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