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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Is Trump Sunk?

It’s 5 AM and I am just getting started. I ran across this headline:

I haven’t watched it yet.

But because I have a lot of research of headlines to do, I am going to shoot from the hip on this one and post this before watching the above. This is what I got from a dream during the night.

The above article is about the Manhattan Judge that yesterday ruled that because Trump (corporation) overestimated the value of his building, the judge was ordering the corporation to be closed down and assets sold off. So the question is if this order survives appeal, will it be a major blow to Trump?

I say absolutely not. In fact I suggest Trump is laughing about it and enjoying the show!

Here’s why I say this. First there comes a time in a person’s life when the money no longer counts; what you did with your life does; your legacy.

So one might say yes, but this also involves the wealth Trump may pass on to his heirs. I agree with you totally on this. So lets look at what may not be left to the heirs and what is at stake. Trump is a deal maker and knows sometimes deals end up badly – roll of the dice you know. So surely he understands the need to have water-tight doors on his ship and the need to have multiple corporations so that one bankruptcy doesn't sink the ship. Therefore, the Judge's ruling may be threatening only 10% of Trump’s wealth.

So allow me to get to the real point here though. If you believe that Trump was invited to play a part as the President when the White Hats in the military approached him, then lets follow that line of thinking.

I suspect Trump’s pride and joy is his book The Art Of The Deal, on his skills of negotiating. Let’s keep this in mind. Trump and the military would have known that he and his businesses would be direct targets for the Elite, no doubt about that.

So now we have Trump being invited to step in and place his life and family wealth in danger. I am sure he was aware that most of the signors of the Declaration of Independence died as paupers due to their heroics.

Therefore, I have no doubt that Trump requested and received a Hold Harmless Agreement from the Military, including pledged collateral (already leined). That agreement would reimburse his family for his premature death as a result of his volunteering as well as reimburse for loss of value in family wealth.

That is why I feel certain he is having the time of his life, hollering “Catch me if you can”!

My conclusion is the CABAL thinks they are hitting him in the pocketbook when they are really fighting the White Hat military who is sitting on $300 Trillion, half of the money on the planet!

P. S. When I wrote the last paragraph the picture I got in my mind was an Elite sucking on a fire hose just so he could spit on Trump.

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