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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Is The Mike Lindell Show Destroyed by the Deep State?

I was only able to watch about one hour of Lindell’s symposium. First it was delayed for an our due to hackers. Then once it started it was continuously hit with spooling delays about every 45 seconds for about 30 seconds at a time. It got to be hypnotizing and about put me to sleep. It continues this morning.

Yesterday I was both comfortable and happy with the hacking. First it told me the Deep State is terrified to have to resort to doing that. But here’s why I was really happy with it all – I see a plan being played out! I love it!

We’ve all seen the Westerns when the cowboy holds up his hat on a stick to screw with the bad guys, right? That is what’s happening from the 10th to the 12th in my opinion. Who in their right mind will sit through three full days of a symposium like that, especially people that don’t believe it in the first place? I sure didn’t last long and I believe it. So is the production effort and cost wasted?

NoSireeBob! When the good guys bring down the TV stations for ten days and show documentaries about what has been done to us by the Deep State I feel certain we will all be watching Mike Lindell because there will be nothing else on TV to watch!

Well played White Hats!

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