• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Is Pelosi Pelooping Out?

Yesterday Nancy Pelosi missed two news conferences. We are told this may be the result of just being vaccinated. I don’t buy it. I think she knows she is butt naked and at her age looks like hell naked.

The young'uns in her party are calling for her head. The Republicans are calling for both her head and Eric Swallwell’s heads. Her state is insolvent and cannot draw the bailout money it needs. Governors who have been doing her bidding by closing down their states are screaming for the bailout money she promised them when Biden takes office, which she can't deliver.

And speaking of Biden, she is smart enough to know that Trump’s push to educate the masses about her orchestrated vote stealing is closing in around her. There is no place she can hide.

She is 80 years old and probably without a single person in her corner. Her party is going down and she must feel the anger and fear from her party members and partners. I have been close to people going through bankruptcy and loosing their businesses. At that time it destroys their very souls; their will to live. You can smell the fear in them. At 80 I don’t see how Pelosi can pull herself back from the brink. I think her mind and health right now are shot. She might not survive this or at least end up renting Biden’s basement. As I said in the beginning, she is naked and she knows the world sees her.

She has all girls' nightmare - naked with only two hands and many things to cover.

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