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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Is Next Week The One We have Been Waiting For?

Is this the week that the covert global war becomes overt for all to see? Will the military step up and say they have been in charge and are taking us back to our Constitution and Republic?

Let’s look at what is converging on this week, shall we?

* Mike Lindell puts on his three day symposium on the evidence of a stolen 2020 election, beginning August 10th. That will be on Tuesday, the same day it has been said that the House of Representatives panel on Jan 6th episode have subpoenaed Lindell to appear and say he knows nothing about that day. Will he appear at the stalling action or appear in his live podcast to expose the vote theft?

* It has been announced that the completed Arizona audit will be released to the public around August 15th.

* Biden is expected to announce that all of the military must be vaxed. This will certainly piss off the military leaders as they are gambling on losing their military for a future war by gambling on the VAX.

* The CDC has extended the eviction moratorium until October and the Biden Administration is backing that decision. Remember that the U. S. Supreme Court already ruled the CDC does not have authority to do that to begin with. Is Biden now thumbing the Supreme Court? Will the military step in now to defend the Constitution?

* The Deep State is losing the narrative on the Covid disaster. A Canadian court is hearing a case filed by an individual challenging his order to get vaxed. The court has ordered the defense to present evidence that the Covid-19 virus actually exists. No evidence has been presented.

If this is the week then look for an immediate lose of news and communications. This may be followed by false flags to begin in which ANTIFA will wage violent protests with paid persons dressed as Trump Supporters. Look for grid down situations at select locations to harm the country. All of this will greatly reduce delivery of food and supplies.

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