• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Is It Possible?

I know I am going way out there on this one but I will share it with you anyway. Two days ago Juan O’Savin suggested some key politicians have already been arrested. He also suggested that “the really dangerous ones will be arrested this week.”

If we accept those suggestions as facts then let’s add to them something else that might fit as a puzzle piece. What if the rush to Impeachment was just a hastily put together delaying action to stop Trump & the military from arresting more Congressmen?

First we have to ask “How can that stop arrests?” If Trump wants to play as legal as possible he could not risk appearing to make arrests to protect himself from impeachment, right? He would have to let it play out. This stalling action might also be the reason for yesterday’s attempt to prolong the impeachment another three weeks by admitting witnesses.

Secondly, “Why buy more time?” Time would allow for deal cutting, possible escape and assassination attempts on Trump.

And finally, that may be why Mitch McConnell said after the end of the impeachment yesterday that Trump was guilty of dereliction of duty. Was he setting the stage for another round of Impeachment?

You at least have to admit it’s possible.

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