• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Is Gen. Milley A Good Guy Or A Bad Guy?

We’ve all seen the headlines that Milley colluded with China behind President Trump’s back the last month Trump was in office. Is it true or not?

For me I don’t know. There is no real convincing evidence for me to grab hold of at this time. So he could be a good guy acting in a manner that spooks the Deep State minions into fearing they are about to lose their jobs and lives when China takes over soon. Mike Adams may be right in that the Deep State now fears Biden and that he may be going too far and thus needs to be pulled out.

But then again Gen. Milley may just be a traitor. Who can tell in all this confusion.

I do believe that the Deep State minions have every right to be as fearful as every one else in the country regarding their futures, especially if they have been Vaxxed.

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