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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Incoming Snowballs!

I read an account of the last few days of our Civil War in which a few Southern troops were so low on ammunition that they had stacked up small stones as a final defense. How sad that such brave troops had to resort to that type of planning.

We all realize that information is all but non-existent now on the war ongoing between the Deep State and the Patriots but yet we can still see some press releases that give us hints. One such press blitz has been ongoing for the past few days regarding former Attorney General Bill Barr. He was interviewed by NBC's Wolf Blitzer and has made the great newsworthy revelation that “He has seen no evidence of voter fraud.” This is of course the same statement he made in December 2020 just before he was replaced by Trump.

The Bill Barr press blitz was nothing but a hollow snow ball thrown at Trump. Now today another hollow snowball has been slung at him in the form of a Manhattan prosecutor charging one of the Trump Organization’s employees of planning to commit fraud.

This just in from Tyler Durden:

“Update (1430ET): After being perp-walked into the courtroom, the charges facing Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg have just been unsealed. He is facing charges of "scheme to defraud" and "second-degree grand larceny". The Trump Org itself has also been charged with the "scheme to defraud." The indictments, which have until now been kept under seal, represent a "Sweeping and audacious payment scheme", prosecutors said.

If that sounds like a nothingburger, don't worry: prosecutors plan to keep digging, saying that the investigation isn't yet over. Both Weisselberg and the Trump Org have pleaded not guilty.” Source

Yep, that's just the first two rocks thrown!

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