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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. In The Collapse Now.

This is a follow-up of yesterday’s Rant – IRS Anomaly.

My client sent a Certified package to the IRS in Ogden, UT, to their official address. That package was returned marked as “Insufficient Address”. Yesterday she went back to her Florida post office and was informed the address was verified and indeed correct and they resent the package as is with no changes to it.

I have spent most of my life searching for patterns and anomalies in those patterns. If I have twelve clients and this happened to two of them, that is an anomaly to the pattern. A one time occurrence would be considered a fluke, but not twice.

If we recognize the U. S. Post Office and the U. S. Treasury / IRS as both being part of the U. S. Government, then what we have is the U. S. Government is saying that it never heard of the U. S. Government! This is indicative that our government is in collapse now.

My best guess is Biden will speak on TV tonight and flub it up. By 1:00 AM Friday or Saturday morning the Military will be closing our Southern border. Announcements will be made over Saturday and Sunday that the Biden regime is over and Trump will be sworn in next week.

Final Warning: If you have an old Jiffy Pop container with the wire handle wear a mitten or it will scar your hand.

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