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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Impromptu Sex Survey.

The Sociology professor teaching a Marriage and Family course decided to pull an impromptu sex survey in the class. He asked the frequency they had sex.

He began with 3 times a week and a lot held up their hands. One person who did not was a 35ish man with a wedding band in the front row. Next was twice a week resulting in more hands, with the 35ish man in the front row grinning and giggling but no hand yet. That was followed by once a week and then once a month. By this time all had raised their hands except Mr. 35ish who was laughing with glee and beside himself. Then came once every six months with no hands, followed by once a year. 35 raised both arms, laughing out loud and shouted out “And tonight's the night!!”

Folks, Tonight may be the night!

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