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Jim’s Rant For The Day. I May Have Created My Own Hell.

This morning I got new marching orders from my 5 year old Grand-Daughter. Up until a few months ago she didn’t like me all that much because I constantly picked on her and pushed her in conversations and word expressions. I made her think on her feet to determine if I were helping her or teasing her.

She and I “Talk Turkey” occasionally when she wants to be talked to like an adult. A few months ago she asked why I tease her so much and I said “Because I am teaching you to learn and think for yourself.” She knows if she asks me to teach her something she will learn all about it immediately.

Saturday she came into my office and asked to learn about soap because she got some in her eye. I explained how she could gather up the used bath soap pieces and put them in an empty pump bottle with water and lemon and make a hand soap dispenser. She took her scraps to the kitchen and created. She then taught Mommy and Grammy.

So now my hell. Yesterday Tavy stayed home and got her six baby dolls out. She then cleaned her bedroom for the first time ever. While doing so she called Grammy and complained about having to pick up after six kids and watch them at the same time. Her mommy said she did a great job on the room.

This morning in going out to the car to go to school Mommy noticed she had her oldest doll. Tavy was scolded about not taking her doll with her to school. Tavy snapped back saying she knows that but was taking her child to Pappa Jim’s so she can start learning. She warned Mommy not be be late in getting her doll to Pappa Jim’s or else she would get detention.

When her Mommy sat the doll in my chair and explained I realized how much pressure had been added to me. I currently keep a list of “Teach Me Pappa Jim” moments. Now I have to prepare a progress report on Dollie too. I actually had to ask Mommy if the doll was right or left handed. I didn’t want to start off by teaching her to pick her nose with the wrong hand!

She loves learning systems. She appears to be learning Motherhood duties.

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