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Jim’s Rant For The Day. I’m Back At Work.

Tomorrow I return back to work again on

My side project is finished. The project, ChambersLead.Us is mostly completed and just waiting for the Reset to occur. One week after that 6,000 letters will be printed and mailed by a print shop. When the Reset occurs it will have all Chamber of Commerce directors questioning their future as they have been owned mostly by the globalists. That funding will disappear soon. They will be desperate for new ideas and grant funding. They will be primed to turn and develop their own communities.

That is what I am banking on. This will jump start their residents.

Attached is the letter that will be mailed out to them after the Reset. If you are curious this is the website. When the letter goes out the Program Detail page will become for members only. Website: ChambersLeadUs.

Flier II
Download PDF • 31KB

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