• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. “I Got It! Everything’s OK!”

Yesterday while Trump’s legal team was trying to get lock down orders from a Georgian judge to protect the Dominion server it was stolen. Someone who said he had a software patch walked off with the recorded vote history.

My original question was “Was it a good witch or a bad witch?” Now I see it doesn’t really matter. It’s more like a pawn being exchanged for a lot of pawns. Let me explain.

If we assume it was taken by a bad guy we know he can’t very well run to CNN and be recorded as saying “I Got It! Everything’s OK!”, now can he? So if the thief did take it then all those sold out souls hoping the vote fraud will go away so they can continue to live off their 30 pieces of silver and go about their happy lives again.

But this CNN episode won’t happen. This then puts more pressure on the sold out souls to cut deals to lighten their crime punishment because there is only a 50/50 chance their crimes are covered. But then that 50% shrinks when we consider that that 50% only covers Georgia.

Therefore the theft only pushes us more towards lost soul roundup time.

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