• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. I Bought Half Of Home Depot’s Inventory.

My local hardware store was out of materials I needed for my wife’s pre-collapse investment, a new house. I needed a water heater timer and an insulated water heater blanket. Home Depot only had two of each in stock. I purchased one of each, thus half of their stock.

Yesterday I posted another article about the bottleneck at our West coast ports in offloading ships, said to be due to the Plandemic hoax. Don’t forget that most of those ports are now Chinese owned and operated. Now as a result of the hurricane the Port of New Orleans will be closed and then hampered just like it was after Katrina. Where I live 20% of our fuel is delivered by barge out of that port. Those shipments go all along Florida down to the Southern Keys. Plus don’t forget that shipments going both up and down the Mississippi river pass through that port.

The US inventory is drying up fast.

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