• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. I Am Inclined To Believe . . .

that the recent articles reporting that the Facebook whistle blower is indeed a setup and the downtime at Facebook was an inside job. This also implies the downtime for Bank of America and other platforms not controlled by Facebook were probably a supporting action by either those platforms or was forced on them by the CIA.

The inside job also explains why 60 Minutes was allowed to air their show and the following morning the MSNM collectively was ready to throw Facebook, a sister ally, under the bus and call for more government control of postings. Let’s not overlook the fact that Congress was ready the next day or so to meet with the Whistle blower. It was all planned and on everybody’s calendars.

I am happy to announce that it only took three days for the alternative news to expose this as another Deep State false flag. Let’s hope this one fails too.

I also believe Simon Parkes dropped the ball on his early call that the White Hats did it.

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