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Jim’s Rant For The Day. I am Conflicted After This Week’s Events.

Three things happened to me that leaves me feeling very conflicted. Although these were all things I already knew somewhat, when it all came together it hit me so hard that I actually stopped listening to Clif High’s Buttermilk podcast at the halfway point last night and suddenly felt the need for sleep, and went to bed early at 7:30 so I could digest it all.

I told you I was using songs to teach my 5 year old Grand-Daughter phrases. On the way to school Friday she had me pause Elton John’s “This Song Is For You”. She asked the meaning of “How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”

Tuesday I was on the computer and suddenly discovered my left jaw was swollen way out. The doctor said it was an infected saliva gland. He gave me a shot and ten days of antibiotic pills. He also cautioned me that although he didn’t think so it might be cancer and if the swelling did not go down I should get a MRI and have a look see. This morning I discovered the swelling disappeared last night in my sleep. I am thinking my wife might want to buy me an extra large Tee Shirt that says “I beat both Bulimia and Cancer.”

In last night’s podcast Buttermilk Woo, Clif explained how around 1920 the medical industry discovered how Vitamin D caused people to become very healthy and the pharmaceutical industry caused both Europe and the US to legislate it be put into our food. Per Clif, five years later the industry did an about face and had the bankers cause the legislation reversed as now people were too healthy. Draw your own conclusion.

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