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Jim’s Rant For The Day. “I Ain’t Gonna Study War No More.”

Yesterday I posted this article:

Bickering White Hats Look to DeSantis for Hope. [Use Discernment]

Up front let me share that I do not believe the story. It purports that some of the White Hats declared in a meeting that Trump needed to act now on arrests or else the country would be lost. Supposedly Trump’s position is:

“President Trump said his support for mass arrests was contingent on midterm election results. He has said sweeping arrests may not be needed if the Deep State suffers a crushing midterm defeat, a position Gen. Berger endorsed.”

I don’t believe the story because we are in a psy-op world in which factions want us to rebel, or wait, or see who we will follow, etc., but most of all I can’t see a member of that meeting running out and spilling his guts – it would be the last meeting he’s invited to.

I know we are all scared and anxious to get this thing done but before I continue let me share this personal experience. I admit I am deaf to the world, brain dead and even stupid at times. I shared with you our connections with New Orleans. On one rescue mission I purchased this CD of a marching brass band. The past week I was ordered to build a curved garden bridge for the boss. After all parts were cut and painted I assembled it.

During the assembly stage I listened to that CD. After hearing it hundreds of times over the years, I finally heard the title verse of “I Ain’t Gonna Study War No More.” I had never heard the words before.

See: New Orleans Jazz Song: “Down By The Riverside” Printed Lyrics

Now back to the article. I could not stop thinking about that song as well as analyzing the article. Just for the sake of analysis, let’s assume the article is true. How could Trump risk the fall of America by waiting until after the mid-terms?

Whenever chasing rabbits we must be prepared to fall. Five years ago one such rabbit hole trapped me and I guess I have never been able to crawl back out of it. The U.S. Deep State has a cadre of government workers who cannot be fired that actually run the government, a second invisible organizational chart. In my mind if one took out Biden, the Democrats and crooked Republicans, the ship-of-state would still continue in the same direction due to the lifers. Nothing would change.

But that song kept holding me to the thought of just stop planning (studying) war no more.

If I am correct in stating that two weeks prior to the election the Democrats and Deep State will pretty much be destroyed, then suppose the names of the lifers were to be published and they would realize now how vile they are viewed and their organization is gone by a land slide election. Wouldn’t they willingly resign those jobs or be dismissed and not bother to sue to remain? They would just disappear to survive in some peace.

Perhaps we need to get the faith and go down by the riverside to lay our burdens down. If the above article is true, is this Trump’s plan on dealing with the lifers? Is this possible?

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