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Jim’s Rant For The Day – How Hard Is It To Train Your Mind To Use The Secret To Create?

The mind is a strange tool that we know very little about or information has been withheld from most of us on how to use it.

Here is an actual experience of mine when I was about 28 years old.

I had been in night school for many years and decided one summer I needed a break. I later felt guilty about being out of school so I signed up for Speed Reading, a non-credit class.

The first night of the course the instructor told us what to expect. He would project a one page article on a movie screen for us to read. Then each successive article would be revealed for shorter times.

Somehow the mind located and skipped all the smaller unimportant words, like "a", "the", "these", "loud", etc. This allowed us to still read the article in less time. The shorter the time we were told we would have the more meaningless words were skipped.

One man asked how we did that, see words and decide to skip it or read it, so quickly? The instructor said he did not know. After the man scorned him for his answer, the instructor simply said that in the last class he would ask him to explain it. At the end of the semester, the rapid reader was embarrassed to say he could not explain how he could read so fast.

I write a lot but cannot type with more than two fingers. So it may take me 15 minutes to write a two page article. I can post it and then come back to proof read it for errors. The editing part may take me an hour because my mind truly cannot see the small words.

Many times I can have 'the the" in a passage and not see it no matter how slow I try to read it.

That is how easy it is to train one's mind. It can be trained to do a lot more powerful things.

Again, see The Secret.

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