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Jim’s Rant For The Day. How Bad Can It Get?

In the last week I have gotten a few emails and calls asking that question. Here’s my best analysis.

First we have to appreciate that the Deep State has planned this for a hundred years. My guess is they will have a hard time conceding loss on a hundred year plan.

Next we need to look at how today’s medical industry is managed. Like our banking system and governments, they too are controlled by one central organization. That is comprised of the major medical journals which dictate all medical protocols required to be used by practitioners. Then there is Big Pharma, Insurance companies, research groups and tightly controlled medical schools creating the medical robots. All of this is a terribly expensive tightly controlled irreplaceable echelon.

Now getting back to answer the question. If you are of the opinion that the Covid panic was a world wide hoax based on government and medical leadership lies, then one must realize that the medical leadership echelon has committed suicide and can never be trusted again on earth.

So let me put this in the perspective of a cheap war movie. The Deep State just used its medical elite echelon to lead the charge through the mine field knowing they will all be killed in the process. So if the Deep State will sacrifice their own controlling irreplaceable echelon what else are they willing to destroy in their bid to control the world? I think that to them everything is now a throw away commodity as they destroy the world’s culture to create their own.

If they willing to kill their own then what do they think about you? Therefore, it could get really bad.

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