• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. “How!”

We all know where the American Indian's hand sign for “How, I am a friend” came from. It is the same sign that the European knights of old used for “I am a friend.” The sign of course is to raise the open right hand up high proving you do not have a weapon in your dominant hand, and thus you are not a threat.

This is a great legend for a man but how does a government do the same when it is in a war? The exact same way. It pulls out of a war, all troops raise their open right hand and they wave goodbye, leaving their weapons on the ground. Is this what just happened in Afghanistan?

Let’s look at this from another angle shall we? If we assume that most of the world governments have decided to dump the elite rulers of the earth, just how would they go about it? Perhaps they would take out the global bankers first by requiring the US give up its Petro-Dollar, ending wars. This would leave a vacuum for Russia to announce the global hegemony to be not the Petro-Ruble but a pre-approved basket of valuables (oil, gold, grain, etc. of all countries) represented by a non-fiat currency. This would be step two.

So if the US did step one first, the US just said “How.” That would indicate that there were more steps to be followed by the US and other countries. My guess is Russia will step up in a week or so and announce the global basket of valuables as the new hegemony currency. Perhaps another step in the process is for all that abandoned military equipment in Afghanistan be used for Afghanistan’s defense rather than for war.

I do hope that all of this is true because it is better than continuing down the road of mass insanity.

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