• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Hot Off The Press – Trump Was At The Vatican Too!

An informant said there were several dignitaries at the Vatican yesterday. They were all waiting in the anti room for the audience with the pope. Trump was in the back corner and Biden and Obama were in the center of the room. Biden was sitting and eating a box of fried chicken as he was starving after the long flight.

Obama walked over to him and said Biden was embarrassing himself and everyone in the room. He had a soda sitting on the floor with a few soiled napkins and chicken bones laying around. Obama said he was too embarrassed to let the Pope know he was with Biden so he was going to stand over by the wall.

The Pope entered, saw Obama to Biden’s left, walked directly over to Biden, made the sign of the cross over him and immediately turned and walked out of the anti room. Trump was shocked that the Pope didn’t speak to him so he ran up to Biden and asked “Why did the Pope bless you and not the others?”

Biden said the Pope didn't bless him, he just said ”You, pick up this shit, get that other asshole and get the hell out of here!”

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