• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. Hold Your Breath and Watch the Deep State The Next Two Weeks.

I still contend that the Main Street News Media ON TV has never mentioned that the SCOTUS will hear the case against the Biden Federal Vax Mandates. TV is what the sheeple watch to deliver their "truth". Sheeple do not read the NY Times or the NBC online news paper.

In the below post (Look, There is no Federal Solution) I believe Biden is braced to lose his Executive Orders to require the suicide shots. It is even possible that states may also lose that executive power as well.

Therefore, the Covid machine could crash after Jan 7th or so. Prepare for it.

That still causes me concern because the Deep State will not tell the people of the Jan 7th date so they may have big plans to divert attention away from Jan 7th.

Keep your eye on Turkey. If they legalize a crypto as the currency to replace their collapsed Lira, that spells death to all Central Banks and the Reserve US Dollar. The spotlight will suddenly move from Covid to the collapsing Central Banks and their US Dollar.

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