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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Hi . . . This is Dave . . .

A few weeks ago X22 Report interviewed a gentleman with three daughters old enough to listen to X22 Report. At the beginning of the interview the gentleman laughed and told about his daughters going around saying “This is X22 Report and Hi, This is Dave" always sounding just like Dave.

Today my wife got me with it. She has never listened to any of the podcasts I write about. She gets the news bits from me direct, like breakfast in bed I suppose. I have been tied up 100% on a personal project for her and have been out of touch with the world the past few days. A few minutes ago she told me about a big storm coming across the country and said “Go check BP [Earthwatch] and see if he gives us any warnings. Make sure you do it now and not at 'Hi. . this is Dave' time." I was stunned.

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