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Jim's Rant For The Day. Heads Up.

Be extremely watchful between now and the November election.

Two major articles appeared this past week that we all need to be aware of.

Both were by reputable reporters.

The first was this article: Brace For The Worst Election In US History.

""This time, it literally won’t matter who wins, loses, is selected, or elected.

The elitists have already made it clear this election will be a contested one that will seal the division they seek in order to conquer us all..."

The second article is White House Siege Begins September 17th.

This group plans to attack the White House for the 50 days running up to the election. We all know what the reaction of the Secret Service will be. Assuredly it will result in planned support rioting in cities around the country, thus pushing the violence out into the streets.

I feel that if this happens the chaos could arrive way before November and the failed election will only make that violence permanent. Their plan is to take down the country.

If you give respect to these articles then my advice is to finish your preps as quickly as possible.

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