• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. He Touched The Musen't Touchit!

Last week I wrote a Rant about Turkey’s Presiden Erdegon telling the citizens he promised not to touch the Lira by bebasing it’s value from printing tons of it. Well,s he Lied. Yesterday it was announced that one Turkish bank got a free 8 Billion Lira bailout from printing funny money and continuing to debase the Lira.

Keep in mind that the 8 Billion Lira went to only one of many banks. How many more were bailed out? I am sure this will only cause the Turkish citizens to flock more to the illegal crypto currency as a safe haven from the collapsing Lira. Thus the Turkey government is in a collapse. After Turkey expect to see Europe catch this real pandemic of failing banks, and then to the US.

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