• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Has The Covid Attack Been Called Off?

I watched GMA on ABC this morning, 8 AM CST, as I ate breakfast. For the first time in eighteen months the lead off story was not the Covid count and updates. I was stunned. Instead they did a short announcement about a newly released vaccination out, the I think it’s called “PCV Vax”, that helps prevent cervical cancer. To me it was presented as a commercial.

From there they went into fun stuff like one of their anchor climbing a skyscraper, who really shot Tony on the Sopranos series from twelve years ago, the singers to be at the upcoming Music Award special, and if you stay tuned, the popular Xmas toys.

What just happened? Have the Democrats & Deep State hit the panic button and abandoned the full- steam-ahead mode on the bio-attack? Are they reorganizing?

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