• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Guarded Hopes.

Guard your hopes well in regards to Trump availing the powers of the 14th Amendment to quickly crush an insurrection. Those powers come with a high price. That may be why it has not been used in 160 years.

What will be gained by its use is the closing history on Biden and Harris. They will drop out of the history books on this period. They may be crowded out by an all out Socialist Marxist nationwide insurrection. That may be devil’s due exacted.

If the Deep State retains control of the Main Street News Media, that will block from the citizens’ view all evidence of voter fraud and other treason committed while at the same time grant the Deep State’s wish of having strong reason to portray Trump as a dictator that must be put down.

Therefore, make certain your hopes are guarded as the 14th Amendment is not a quick solution to the problem but rather in our case it may be only the beginning of a “controlled civil war”.

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