• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Gettin Down To Call Time.

We may be within a week or two in a high stake poker game coming down to call time.

With the vote results for the most part now known the pressure is on. When a politician does not know if his fellow politicians (and himself) will keep their lives and livelihoods, I can guarantee you one thing. They have been getting daily updates on the results of the Arizona audits. Even though not fully completed, statistics can for the most part foretell the final counts. For those without a working background in statistics, let me put this in layman’s terms. A politician doesn’t have to wait for all the wall paint to dry before seeing what the wall will look like tomorrow. He already knows. Then if we look at the current information out now on the Covid Plandemic, that too is a known shade that can be clearly seen.

Just before one of the high stake players says “Call”, be prepared for the card table to be kicked over.

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