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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Gauze, Ken & Barbie’s Divorce and the SCOTUS Rulings Yesterday.

We recently watched Funny Videos on TV. Two clips were of 17 year old girls being chauffeured home from the dentist still under laughing gas. One was crying after her mother said not to chew on the gauze. She was hysterical because god was in her mouth. When Mom explained it was “gauze” she got worse because now god’s brother Gauze was there too and it was unfair that god Almighty had all the power and Bubba Gauze had none while everybody chewed on him.

The second girl was upset when she heard that her dolls, Ken and Barbie, were divorced. Her Mom soothed her by saying they weren’t actually divorced yet and were trying to work things out. Now I ask you, do you think a court would admit their declarations as evidence to be ruled on? Of course not, they are not based on reality; they are dreams, hallucinations. No court in the world would touch it.

Yesterday the Supreme Court again turned down two more cases regarding our election. Are those justices really evil doers? Could it be they know the elections are for leaders of a defunct corporation, thus moot points? Could it be that they know the Biden regime is an hallucination, a staged show that is not real, thus a bad dream that the Military and Trump needs to tell the people about?

I still believe that SCOTUS has already ruled that the elections were under fraud and voided but the American people have not been let in on the truth yet for obvious reasons. So was I shocked or devastated yesterday? No. We are still playing in the game.

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