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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Fredericksburg, Virginia

This Rant is related to where we are going in the escalated chaos coming at us.

When I was around 27 I had my first experimental cornea graft. I was to be in an out of state hospital recovering for a week. I purchased a copy of Lee’s Lieutenants (Freeman), a real thick book consisting mainly of all major communications Robert E Lee received and sent during major Civil War battles. I had heard he was a military genius and wanted to study his mind. Hell, I knew it would be more interesting than watching General Hospital on TV.

My plan was somewhat thwarted when they took away my glass contact from my good eye as it would cause too much “sympathy stress” on the surgery eye. I was now blind as a bat but held the book a half foot from my face and managed to study it all.

Everything I read made perfect sense to me except the Battle of Fredericksburg. In it the new Union General of the Army, Ambrose Burnside, attacked Lee who was dug in on the top of a very tall hill outside of town. To get to the hill the Union had to cross an open plain for a mile under cannon fire from the hill. Half way there they had to cross a sunken road that was hidden by a long standing stone wall. The Union discovered that there were thousands of Rebels hidden in that sunken road.

Seven times that day Burnside ordered two Brigades (1,000 men each) to charge Lee. Seven times they were slaughtered, 15,000 Yanks died that day to 5,000 Confederate dead. The book had little commentary outside of Lee’s journals. For the life of me I couldn’t understand how Burnside could continue to order the slaughter of those Brigades knowing the odds were against them.

Some years later Betty and I dropped the kids off at Grand-Parents and spent several days driving through Virginia looking at several battlegrounds. This was the only formal vacation I ever took. Fredericksburg was tops on my list. I just had to see the lay of the land so I could see what Burnside saw that might shed light on his Ill fated decisions that day.

Yesterday I watched a history Channel documentary on that battle. They said Burnside was a fool just doing what Napoleon Bonaparte did half a century prior. But Burnside failed to realize technology had changed and this was one of the last major battles fought where apposing armies stood tall and just blasted away at each other. But in this case the Confederates stood tall in a sunken road behind a brick wall.

The last Civil War battle fought by formed lines walking in mass into firing was at Cold Harbor, Virginia. Again the Confederates we in trenches shooting through a gap between two horizontal logs similar to the Fredericksburg rock wall. But those lessons were wasted when we went into WWI and formed long lines of soldiers and ordered them to walk into machine gun fire.

I mention all this because a few days ago someone asked on a Prepper site if persons with bug out locations carry insurance on them and if so what companies do they use.

Below are my responses:

Response #1:

Look ahead at where we are going. If we assume there is a collapse and chaos, where will that leave the insurance industry? Let's begin with the assumption that their investment portfolio is in a combination of stocks/bonds and lots of real estate. In the financial collapse the stocks and bonds will be zero. The real estate market will be around zero. The insurance industry will holler force majeure, act of war as well as the result of rioting every chance they have. They will also have a contingency plan to transfer some real estate and then declare bankruptcy. They will begin again as a new company after the chaos settles down. So now let's go back to the opening question posed by Parr. Are you referring to the short period before the collapse or during the collapse?

Response #2

During the chaos perhaps the best insurance will be a metal roof, lots of fire fighting equipment in the house and guns. The deluxe policy might be caulk and a little paint to hide the dings. If you can't afford either of the above invest in a man's jumpsuit, boots and a hat. Stuff it with rotten food from neighbor's freezers and let the dogs have at it on the front sidewalk. That will work better than a sticker on the door saying "Insured by State Farm".

Another Person in Chat Room:

If you have a mortgage, insurance is mandated by your lender. Failure to carry insurance and they can call your loan. So what happens if you cannot find an insurance company to provide you insurance because you own and keep firearms? You and your lender get a letter from the insurance company dropping you. Then your lender says get insurance but, no one will give it to you…bank calls the loan and you can’t find anyone to finance you…how many people can pay back what they owe? They give up their guns instead. Same goes for farms who look to the government for low interest loans.

Response #3

Good question, but once again, look ahead.

There will be no banks. There will be no government programs. There will be no one to repay the loans to. There will be no CABAL to push the 2030 agenda. We are going to a new paradigm. To survive you have to adjust your way of thinking and to see the future.

Response #4

Pay State Farm for about two months then . . . You will know when to let them go. When the financial system crashes it will be followed by most of the government and insurance companies. There will be nobody to check to see if you have current insurance in force. It will be like when the Soviet Union collapsed. The possessor owned the home outright. All files and records will be lost and all we can do is start a new era.

My Final Comment In This Rant:

Folks, be planning all of your moves as we go through the chaos. Take note of all your options. Again, we are going into a new paradigm and what the books said to do in the good-ole-days may no longer apply.

Five years ago I met a man that used to be a financial advisor before selling cars for a living. He was still parroting “only invest 5% of your money in precious metals.” And no, his name wasn't Burnside.

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