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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Fla. Governor Desantis and the South American Economic Contracts Search.

Sorry for the delayed explanation of why I posted yesterday’s story about Florida Governor Ron Desantis sending the Lt. Governor to tour South American countries seeking to contract with those countries in trade deals. The collapse news is happening so fast these days I can hardly keep up with it.

Here is why it is a major statement to the world. It has long been speculated that California would try to secede from the union because it is impossible for it to escape its massive debt unless it can break free of the Constitution which forbids states from entering into contracts directly with foreign countries. Only the US State Department can do that. If California can secede they can negotiate contracts with China and become debt free quickly.

Now with Florida attempting to contract with foreign countries the message to the world is that the Corporate US government is no more so the Republic of Florida is free to contract directly. Because of the warm reception by those South American countries one must assume those countries are tired of negotiation with the Sate Department after the CIA has beaten and threatened them into submission.

Is it possible that for the first time in a hundred years we are going into freely bargained economic contracts between countries?

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