• Jim Costa

Jim’s Rant For The Day. Fizer To Our Rescue!

Yesterday I noted that ABC’s Good Morning America show failed to mention the Covid report for the day as it’s opening story. Well, on their 7 AM, CST show today, they did mention Covid but in a different manner.

They announced that Pfizer hopes to have pills out in a few months to help you get over Covid without hospitalization. Merck plans to do the same in 2022. My expectation is they will be expensive.

The show then mentioned that 20 something states are fighting the VAX mandates. They never mentioned the number of cases or showed crying patients saying the wish they had been Vaxed.

As a final note I see the Feds are extending the Vax deadline to January 4th now. I had a Law professor once say “Never draw your gun unless you are prepared to shoot”. Apparently the Fed can’t pull the trigger or they have an unloaded gun perhaps.

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