• Jim Costa

Jim's Rant For The Day. Feet Shuffling.

In one of my law classes the Professor told a story of a class he was in at Florida State Law School. The professor had surgery so another professor was brought in from the outside to cover. While one student was up and discussing he began to stray off point which frustrated the rest of the class. Some began shuffling their feet creating noise. As the student strayed more students shuffled more.

After the Professor dismissed the orator he blasted the class stating he taught at Harvard and they do not act out Southern barbarianism rituals like shuffling and he wouldn't tolerate it. He slammed his briefcase shut and left. The next class another student missed the point and was wasting everyone's time. The shuffling began again until the student retreated. As my Professor said, apparently his Professor realized he was in the South now as he said nothing about the noise!

While recapping today I found my feet shuffling an awful lot.

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