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Jim’s Rant For The Day. Fat Free Flynn.

Let’s boil all of the fat out of Gen. Michael Flynn’s interview today.

The key points he said were:

21 MM Did Trump sign the insurrection Act. Answer is NO. Is the US Military running the country? Answer is NO.

There is no plan.

22 MM Nuclear war with China and Russia and the US? Russia and China have come to agreements, commercial and military wise, but Russia and China do not want war. They may do economic war fare but they do not want to go up to someone's gate.

45 MM Billings said he had a bet that Trump would be the next President. Should he pay up the bet? Answer is no, not yet.

The comment at 45 minutes does not really fit with the top two points.

He is adamant that Trump will be/is the President. How does this square with #21 where he is saying no Insurrection Act signed and no plan by the military? I feel that Flynn was showing that he is now distanced from Trump and therefore knows nothing. He is behaving like a true retired General and not giving up the plan to anyone.

With #22 on the table as always a possibility of war you cannot tell me the military has no plan. I just don’t buy it. There are plans in motion and no matter how it is said the military is a major force in that plan.

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