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Jim's Rant For The Day. Explanation for the Supreme Court Confusion.

Add this to the confusion Folks: We really don't know what cases have been accepted by the Supreme Court. Do to the nature and seriousness of this anything is possible. I was expecting an early decision by the court but with the announcement being delayed for Trump to complete preparations for riots. But consider this post from December 8th: Jim's Rant For The Day. The End Is Near. Brace for impact soon. Today Mike Adams revealed that in 1997 the SCOTUS ruled that all elections must be completed within one day. Link That decision was by a 9-0 vote. It is believed that the SCOTUS may be hearing a petition regarding the 2020 election in regards to this ruling now. If the court fails to grant relief then Trump needs to use the Insurrection Act immediately. ------------------------------------- All Trump would have to do is say to the court (Federal or even SCOTUS (perhaps) "Mother May I?" Is this the first ruling of 7-2 that Jim Stone refers to? Is this why the Texas suit against other 4 states was discharged and all other cases marked as moot, as it has all been decided? Let's give it some time Folks.

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